Chef-Erfa 39 – Sustainability for the world from the tranquil town of Engen

November 14, 2023

“Sustainability for the world from the tranquil town of Engen – the participants at the wvib Chef-Erfa 39 saw for themselves!
LIQUI Filter GmbH develops, designs, produces and installs systems for filtering, cleaning and conveying. At first glance, these are simply machines for extracting, transporting and shredding chips. At second glance, however, they are ultra-modern systems that reduce emissions and fuel the circular economy. This makes it possible not only to dry chips, but also to melt them down on site and feed them directly back into the production process. The topic of the day was aptly chosen – CO2 footprint and sustainability report.
Many thanks to owner Karl Beising and his enthusiastic management team, who were able to give the group a broader view of “clean” workplaces.
Another hotly debated topic was cyber security. All companies have hundreds to thousands of cyber attacks every day, all of which have so far been successfully fended off at the participants’ companies. All at considerable expense and with the knowledge that things could be different in the future!”

LIQUI Filter gmbh


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